Bookmarked UI/UX Design, 2018

Bookmarked enables a user track the journey of a book that they own, from the Strand Bookstore (in NYC). By using Bookmarked to track a book that you found at the bookstore, you get an insight into who owned the book before you and the object’s journey before reaching you.

Strand is known to have a large collection of used books that come in to the store as donations. These books range from about $1 to $5 and have a separate section dedicated to it in the store. 

The app aims to connect two strangers who might not have a lot in common but have owned the same object over time. It also aims to creates a community among avid readers who are interested in the humanness of an inanimate object.

Key Features
  • Track a Book
  • Read insights from past owners about the book and their memories attached to it
  • Share your insights and memories of the book

User and Location Research
The user interviews conducted in this location gave me an insight into the reasons behind people collecting these books. The most surprising finding through the research was that the target audience wanted a way to feel connected to the past of this object and to the people that owned it before them. The collection of such objects were a part of their identity as some of them mentioned their interest in antique objects.

Process - Icons, Mockups, Userflow
I designed a custom stamp mockup that would be placed on every book in the used books section of the bookstore (shown above). Additionally, these fingerprints were motifs in the mobile application to suggest human touch. 

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