For Ever After UI/UX Design, 2019

It is a challenge to make sense of all the data left behind once someone passes away— artifacts, interactions, conversations and most importantly, memories. For Ever After, is a digital museum of all that data— a space designed to memorialize a deceased person. The online community grieves and heals together by sharing photographs, videos, voice notes or songs that remind them of their loved one.
There are multiple platforms used by people to share one’s loss online, but none of them fully allow others to empathize with your grief. The sharing of photographs allows for a momentary feeling of satisfaction, and the likes and comments do not fill the void that now exists because of the loss. For Ever After, creates a museum to celebrate the deceased person from all the memories shared on it. 
Key Features
  • Search For Someone - Enables you to search a specific memorial 
  • Create a Museum -  Build an online memorial for your loved one
  • Share a Memory - Customize a memory to share with the community
  • View Memories - Mourn and heal together by experiencing the memories shared in the museum
  • Write a Reflection - Empathize and start a conversation with others
Brand Logo & Icons
The digital museum of the person lives for ever after, dedicating a permanent virtual presence to a person even after their physical presence is long gone. The visual Identity is inspired by the night sky, constellations and clusters of stars. Each circle is symbolic of a star in the sky and holds a memory shared in the museum. The varying opacities and sizes of the circle are indicative of the time passed since the memory was shared.

Process & Development
The process of designing this mobile application took ten weeks. The versions changed drastically as I began with a wireframing the user’s experience in the app and then moved on to adding color, hierarchy in typography and finessing the user interface and visual design of the app. 

Death is a heavy and sensitive subject and everyone mourns differently. It was interesting to see that 8 of the 10 users that tested this app, mentioned that they struggle to find the right words to communicate their feelings, and the feature to share via music and voice notes helps overcome that.
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